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Individual Therapy

Dr. Jodi loves working with clients across the lifespan. She has gained a deep understanding of the unique developmental concerns and emotional challenges which present themselves at each stage of life.

Family Therapy

Dr. Jodi works with families when difficult situations and conflict impact all members. Her skills in working with individuals across the lifespan help her to successfully connect and intervene with individual family members and the unit as a whole. Both office and in-home sessions are available.

Group Therapy

Groups are a powerful vehicle for change. With our group program in the works, Dr. Jodi is welcoming your suggestions. What specific therapeutic groups would you like us to offer?

Client Success Stories

Dr. Jodi helped me see that Jenny’s destructive behavior was a symptom of her anxiety.
Her work was not only with Jenny but also teaching me how I could help her manage the anxiety before the behavior came out and how to manage my reaction when behaviors happened. Her effort and approach didn’t just help us then, it gave us tools that I know will help us for years to come. Thank you Dr. Jodi!

Leslie K.
Leslie K.Single Mother of Two

I must have been to over 6 therapists since high school. Each one of them was the same, I would vent, they would listen, and nothing really changed. A marriage and two kids later I still struggled. Thank goodness things with Dr. Jodi were different.She was a good listener too but the key was her ability to help me learn how to deal with the difficult thoughts and feelings which kept my depression growing. The tools and strategies empowered me, a feeling I hadn’t had in quite a while.

Brianna T.
Brianna T.Wife, Mother, Accountant

My son absolutely loved his sessions with Dr. Jodi. She always found the most creative ways to engage him in therapy. She used his interests to engage him in learning about emotions, thoughts, social skills, and communication. This meant that he was having fun and working on the issues he was struggling with at the same time.

Jon S.
Jon S.Father & Business Owner

Areas of Expertise


8% of Americans 12+ struggle with the debilitating mood, cognitive, and physical symptoms of depression. These symptoms include deriving less please from activities and interests you used to enjoy, changes in sleep patterns, low energy, feelings of guilt/worthlessness, impaired concentration, and may include thoughts of death or suicide. Depression is treatable and you don’t have to deal with this alone. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an evidenced based and extremely effective treatment for depression that will get you learning the skills and strategies to manage your depression and get you back to a meaningful life. Learn more about our Del Mar Depression Therapist services here.


Anxiety truly comes in all shapes and sizes. Anxiety can be helpful when it serves to protects us from danger and pushes us to do well. I’m sure you can agree that this anxiety is no longer helpful when it gets in the way of living your life. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy combined with exposure therapies can help you confront these fears and learned to cope with the anxiety producing thoughts and feelings so they don’t control your life. Need help with conquering your anxiety? Reach out to us via our Del Mar Anxiety Therapist page here.

Life Transitions/Adjustments

Transitions and change are a common part of life but no matter how common they are they never really seem to get easier. Each change has a different set of situations, thoughts, and feelings which need to be appropriately addressed for one to adapt to changing circumstances. There are endless examples of life transitions in adulthood but common ones may include ending a relationship or marriage, moving cities, changing jobs, having children, a change in financial situations, losing a loved one, and retirement. If adults struggle with transitions it’s no surprise that it can be detrimental for children if the transition are not handled with care and in a developmentally appropriate way. Divorce, illness or loss of a loved one, and moving are the most common struggles that require support for our youth. Feel free to check out our San Diego Divorce & Grief Therapist page here for more information.

Self Esteem

Self-Esteem is all about our sense of personal value and worth. The majority of our self-esteem is derived from our experiences over the course of our lives. Struggles with self-esteem can be the result of critical evaluations from those around us or from situations which impact the way we feel about ourselves. At the opposite of the spectrum there are people who present with an inflated self esteem which gets in the way of truly connecting with other people and creating meaningful and lasting social and work relationships. Need help managing your self esteem struggles? Visit our San Diego Self Esteem Therapist page here.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

OCD including obsessions, and/or compulsions occurs when your thoughts take total control over your mind. Symptoms of OCD can ebb and flow and are particularly triggered during times of stress and overwhelm. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy combined with exposure and response prevention (when compulsions are present) is best practice for treatment of OCD. Given that symptoms worsen during times of stress, coping skills and techniques play an important role in managing the ebb and flow of obsessive compulsive disorder. Let me help you overcome your anxiety. Learn more about our San Diego Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Therapist services here.

Fears and Phobias

Fears and phobias are specific environmental stressors which produce intense anxiety for some individuals but in reality are not as dangerous as their mind makes them out to be (snakes,elevators). Like OCD, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy combined with exposure and response prevention is best practice. In these cases the individuals is slowly exposed to the feared object while learning and utilizing skills to help the cope and overcome this intense fear. Learn more about overcoming fears and phobias at our San Diego Anxiety therapist page here.

Trauma/Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Trauma is often more about the person’s response to the event than the actual event itself. Many people go through distressing situations and find ways to cope, other people go through less distressing situations and really struggle to navigate life in the aftermath. Additionally, many people don’t just experience one single episode of trauma, rather there has been layer upon layer of adverse experiences they have encountered which have a collective impact. When working with trauma, psychological exposure to the traumatic experience(s) is vital to the healing process. Since remembering what happened doesn’t feel good, and hence it’s been avoided, trauma work can be very difficult. However treatment can help people work through the heavy load of carrying the weight of this trauma and help reduce symptoms dramatically. Let me help you work through your trauma, learn more on our San Diego Trauma and PTSD Therapist page here.

Professional/Career Concerns

Professional and career concerns can present themselves at many ages and stages of life. For some this may be struggling to find a profession they enjoy and for others when someone no longer find pleasure and is looking for a career change. Many issues and life experiences can impact these struggles and uncertainties including anxiety and depression, relationship problems, financial issues, and life circumstances. People struggling with professional issues often report feeling stuck and the work lies in helping individuals become unstuck in move forward in a meaningful direction. If I can help you conquer your professional and career concerns please contact me via our San Diego Career counseling page here.

Identify Issues (Gender, Sexuality)

Identify development is a difficult task to achieve even for someone who feels like they “fit in” and are “typically developing.” Issues which comprise identify development include gender, sexuality, culture, and continue all the way down to the way we dress and the food we eat. Identify issues are particularly challenging during adolescence and young adulthood but undoubtedly can impact individuals at any age and stage of life. Need support dealing with identity issues? Reach out to us via our San Diego Identity Therapist page here.

Stress Management

Each person differs as to how much stress can be piled on them before they crumble. Some can handle a lot and others struggle when one extra little things is thrown on their plate. Unfortunately, when stress is not managed it can leak out and impact our body causing somatic experiences (headaches, gastrointestinal issues) and increasing the propensity for more severe anxiety and depression. Let me help you manage your stress before it spirals out of control. Contact me via our Del Mar Stress Management Therapist page here.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

ADHD presents in three different forms: inattentive, hyperactive/impulsive, and a combination of the two. Individuals with ADHD often struggle in classroom settings either because they aren’t focused and look like they are daydreaming or because they can’t sit still and stay on task. Both of these symptoms significantly impact a child’s academic success if the appropriate accommodations are not made/provided. Find out more about how I can help you or your child via our Del Mar Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Therapist page.

Parenting Struggles

Parenting can be challenging on a good day and become even more out of hand when children are going through big life changes or begin evidencing behavioral concerns. When parents become overwhelmed it can be difficult for them to maintain order, consistency, and structure which all children need to function well. In the case of divorce issues typically arise in the area of co-parenting. Often parents can benefit from help getting back on the same page with the best interest of the kid(s) in mind. Working on co-parenting helps to create consistency in a time of a lot of change and uncertainty. Learn more about how to manage behavior problems via our San Diego Behavior Therapist page here.

Sibling and Parent Child Conflict

Family are more diverse and blended than ever which can often lead to family conflict. For blended families this is especially true during the initial stages of integrating. Whether a family is blended or not, conflict still exists from parent-child relationship issues to sibling rivalry that has escalated out of control. Usually this conflict drives family members apart and leads to unhealthy alliances causing resentment and hostility. Learn more about how I can help your family at our San Diego Family Conflict Therapist page.

Relationship Issues

Relationships are a vital but also consuming parts of our lives. Relationships can be particularly tough when we lack self-awareness and awareness of the impact our actions have on our partners. Many life experiences shape who we are as a partner and these things may require working through so that negative patterns don’t continually repeat themselves in future relationships. Let me help you break these patterns, learn more at our Del Mar Relationship Issues Therapist page here.

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